occurs at the winter solstice


Yule is essentially a celebration of the sun's return, the solstice & the circle of life. candles & rituals with fire are very appropriate. 

Like any Sabbat, celebrate with friends & family. Many secular traditions stem from pagan roots.

Don't deprive yourself! Norse & Roman pagan lore is prominent in modern Christmas traditions.

Feasting, family time, gift-giving & decorating with evergreens is all in alignment with Yule. 


wreaths, candles, bells, evergreens,

holly & mistletoe

things to do_edited.png
  • Hang up greenery

  • Bake seasonal goodies

  • Host a fest with loved ones

  • Exchange handmade gifts

  • Braid holly or other greens into your hair

  • Make a wreath with evergreens

  • Save ashes from your yule log/fire

  • Hold a ritual to welcome back the sun

  • Burn a Yule log & get cozy by the fire

  • Make a wand with a holly branch

  • Make offerings to deities

rubies, garnets, bloodstones, emeralds &  diamonds 


red, green, gold & white

mistletoe, pine, oak, bayberry,

sage, holly, ginger


venison, turkey & pork, eggnog,

fruit cakes, spiced cider & wine, chestnuts,sweets; especially pumpkin & apple flavors