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Wisdom & will power
protection, banishing & divination
Saturn, the sun & Libra
Witch Hazel
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Witch hazel extract is an FDA approved natural astringent, but has been used for centuries to treat everything from ulcers and sores on the skin to coughs and colds to internal bleeding and hemorrhoids. Compounds in the plant actually aid in stopping bleeding. 

Magically, witch hazel is used in spells for wisdom and willpower, protection, cleansing, peace, calming emotions, banishing and divination. It has associations with Saturn, the sun, masculine energy, and Libra.

Witch hazel is also known for its “springy” wood, which was used to make bows by the Native Americans. And it's actually this springy wood that gives the plant its name, not any particular affiliation with witchcraft. The name comes from an Old English word, wiche, which meant “bendable.”

Witch Hazel
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Witch hazel’s distinctive flowers range from yellow to orange shades. The yellow-flowering American variety blooms from January to March and is also called winterbloom.

Although there are some varieties that bloom in the fall, the American variety is the medicinal one.

Because of these cold season blooms, witch hazel is a great plant for pollinators. 

Witch hazel likes full sun, but can tolerate some shade. Although shade is a must for the plant to thrive in very hot climates. Witch hazel is generally a very hardy plant and not prone to disease.

The plants can grow to be 25 feet tall, but they can be kept in check by pruning.

Witch Hazel
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Witch hazel extract is a staple in many medicine cabinets.

The extract is a wonderful treatment for a large spectrum of skin conditions, including sunburns, bug bites, poison ivy rashes, minor burns, pimples, etc. It’s also good for postpartum trauma and is often prescribed to new mothers.

Witch hazel’s healing capabilities aren’t limited to human use either. It's often used to treat hotspots on dogs. 

Homemade witch hazel tinctures can be much more effective than distilled store bought extract. It’s made from the leaves, bark and twigs of the American variety of witch hazel. 

To make, simply prune your witch hazel bush and save some of the twigs and leaves. The inner bark of the plant contains the highest concentration of compounds. 

Place the plant matter in a jar & cover with plain vodka for up to 6 weeks before straining the plant matter out.

This tincture should be diluted with water before using, but can be used the same way as store bought!

Witch hazel is generally considered only safe topically, so do not ingest it!


Burning witch hazel calms & cleanses a space, restoring peace. 

Place blossoms in a sachet with mugwort, lavender, catnip, or yarrow make talismans for divination and prophetic dreams. And flowers can be kept on the altar to assist in attracting clairvoyant energies.

Any divination spells concerning love vibe particularly well with witch hazel. 

The branches of witch hazel make great wands for divination spells, warding or protection. Y-shaped sticks of witch hazel are also used for dowsing, the process of  finding wells. 

Harness witch hazel’s protective powers, by scattering petals with sage, rosemary or other protective herbs along with salt around the outside of your home. 

For a quick beauty spell, splash your face with witch hazel extract to tone skin and bestow confidence. Try it under a Libra moon, both the plant and beauty spells are in tune with Libra’s energies.