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occurs from March to September


After Virgo's relentless push to get things done brew a cup of mint tea to recharge, relax & be rid of stress.

Cut everyone, yourself included a little slack. Be kind when mistakes happen. Virgo has us seeking perfection, sometimes at the cost of those around us. The waxing gibbous gives us the energy to refocus; something Virgo is good at.

This is also when you should wrap up any spells started at the beginning of the waxing cycle. Virgo is great for spells that

require great detail, so ending a long spell under a Virgo moon is

a great idea!

Grounded Virgo is great for spells that exist in the material world: cleansing & self-care. Take time to organize and clean your space.

This is the perfect sign for practicing discipline & focusing on the practical details of life.

Earth magick is potent right now. Harness the healing energy of the waxing moon & charge your amethysts. Carve a charm from a piece of sturdy root or paint a stone with a sigil.