occurs from March to September


 Virgo basks in the tedious. The waxing Virgo moon is a good

time to begin complex magic that needs to simmer over the course of the moon's cycle. 


Cast any spells that require great detail & ample time; Virgo is a great sign to start anything complicated.

Harness Virgo's energy into a task that needs focus.

Try any kind of thread magic, journaling, starting seeds, or creating a carving. 

Carving a charm from a sturdy root or painting a stone with a sigil also take advantage of Virgo's earthy vibes.

Virgo also fills us with a need to clean & cleanse; the home, ourselves, our ritual tools & our spirits.

Use mugwort tea to cleanse sacred spaces & objects.

Grounded Virgo is great for self-care spell focusing on the practical details of life.