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occurs from September to  March


Conjure a major banishing over the coursing of the waning moon. Forgo a single day spell for one that takes more time & intricacies. Virgo is great for spells that require great detail.


Harness Virgo's energy into a task that needs considerable focus. 


As an earth sign, Virgo charges crystal magick & other earth magick.


It's also a great time to work with healing & medicinal plants. Obtain some fresh herbs; from the garden or the grocery store. It doesn't matter. Spend some time drying them while Virgo empowers the moon's energies.

Mint, chamomile, marjoram, thyme, lavender & skullcap all sync well with the Virgo moon.


Virgo also fills us with a need to clean & cleanse, so take

advantage of some bath magick & purify yourself with sage, rosemary, and lavender.

Or dip into a restorative bath with thyme, chamomile & marjoram. 

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