occurs from September to  March


This is a good time for cleansing & banishing bad energy. Virgo loves to organize, clean & cleanse; the home, ourselves & our spirits.

Take the time to tidy up your home & smudge/smoke cleanse with thyme, sage & lavender. Or purify yourself a bath with sage, rosemary & lavender — try using an herbal bath bomb spell! 

Cleanse your phone; delete apps, old photos & texts. Wipe it down.


Any spells cast during the beginning of the waning phase should be wrapped up before the dark moon.


The energies Virgo provides are excellent for ending a complicated spell. Harness Virgo's energy into a task that needs considerable focus. 


Grounded Virgo is also great for spells that exist in the material world: banishing illness & other self-care.

Use the moon's energy to add an extra oomph to herbal salves, tinctures & syrups.


Use mint, chamomile, marjoram, thyme, lavender or skullcap in spells during a Virgo moon; their energies sync well together.