occurs from September to  March

A good time for dealing with temptations & banishing bad habits. Push it away!  Virgo's energy has us striving for perfection & helps us not to waver in our convictions.


It's the perfect sign for practicing discipline. 


Harness Virgo's energy into a task that needs considerable focus. Draw a rune on your wrist or hand to remind yourself to focus when working on a big project.


Virgo fills us with a need to clean and cleanse; the home, ourselves, our ritual tools and our spirits. Purify yourself a bath with sage, rosemary & lavender.


A bath can double as some self-care, which Virgo loves.


A good time for tarot or rune readings.


Use mint, chamomile, marjoram, thyme, lavender or skullcap in spells during a Virgo moon; their energies sync well together.


Carve a charm from a sturdy root or work with crystals. Virgo charges the energy of earth magick.

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