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Occurs with the sun in Pisces


Virgo is great for spells that require great detail; such as more complicated thread magic or cooking.  

You may want to forgo a simple spell for one that requires more time to explore the intricacies. 

Virgo fills us with a need to clean and cleanse; the home, ourselves, our ritual tools and our spirits.


Purify yourself in a bath with sage, rosemary & lavender.
Cleanse your phone; delete apps, old photos & texts. Wipe it down.

Our clothing can also become bogged down with bad energy.

Wash clothes with aromatic essential oils & a pinch of salt to cleanse on a deeper level.

Grounded Virgo is great for spells that exist in the material world; banishing illness & other self care.

The perfect sign for practicing discipline & focusing on the practical details of life. Try sticking to a new exercise plan.

Draw a rune on your wrist or hand to remind yourself to focus when working on a big project.

Harness Virgo's energy into a task that requires considerable focus. 

Charge your tarot cards, runes, or other divination tools in the moonlight.