occurs from March to September

A good time to accomplish the tedious & work on projects; Virgo is great for spells that require great detail.


Organize. Plan for success & go after it. Virgo is a good sign for focusing, grounding & self-discipline. 

Virgo fills us with a need to cleanse & is a good sign for some self-care. Take advantage of the Virgo moon's vibes by relaxing in a bath of lavender & chamomile; both work well with Virgo's energy.

Add herbs directly to into hot water or capture the moon's energy with a simple bath bomb spell for later use.

Bury your crystals to charge in the earth during the waxing moonlight. Earth magick is potent right now.

Grounded Virgo is great for spells that exist in the material world. Money drawing herbs like mint, thyme & marjoram aid in spells for material gain.

Any & all complex magick thrives under Virgo.

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