Verbena officinalis

Love, dreams & protection
 Midsummer & Beltane
Aquarius, Leo & Libra
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This unassuming wildflower is native to Europe and was a favorite of the Druids. Gathered during the dark of the moon, it was used for cleansing and divination. 

Throughout the ages, vervain was known as a cure-all and has been used to treat jaundice and bladder problems, aid in childbirth, and relieve headaches and insomnia.  

Sometimes called tears of Isis or Hera’s tears, vervain was once used in sun worship & as protection from fairy folk.  

Plant Sprout
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Vervain is an easy plant and various varieties grow throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Pollinators, like bees and butterflies, love it!


In temperate climates, once planted vervain will come back year after year, as it self seeds. Although it can be tricky to start from seed, as the seeds need to be exposed to the cold to germinate. It can also be propagated by cuttings.

It needs a sunny spot with well-draining soil, though it tolerates more shade in hotter climates. Plants can grow to be a few feet tall.

Dried Herbs
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The ultimate magickal aid, vervain adds to the strength of other herbs it is used with. It has numerous magickal properties of its own including protection, dreams, enchantment, purification, love, and money-drawing. 

Vervain can be woven into flower crowns, alone or with other flowers, to imbue the wearer with protection, especially while working magick. A dried sprig can also be worn for protection or hung in your home to attract wealth. They make lovely cut flowers as well. 

Used in love spells, particularly those to ensure lasting affection or to rekindle a dying romance. Folklore says that staining your hands with the plant’s juices will cause your touch to endear you to that person. It can also be used to dispel unrequited love. 

Vervain, thyme, or rose essential oils are great perfumes to inspire affection. Just be sure to use them with a carrier oil before any skin contact!

Coupled with dill, vervain is extremely powerful for fending off magick intended to do you harm and for removing negative energies. 

While it is generally safe to ingest, pregnant women and anyone with an iron deficiency should avoid it. Always consult your doctor! Herbs do not always mix well with medications! 

Often burned in ritual fires around both Beltane and Midsummer. Rosemary, sage, and vervain are a great combo for smoke cleansing or purification baths. 

Anoint candles for divination with olive oil with a few drops of vervain essential oils & crushed dried vervain. Vervain tea is said to bring on prophetic dreams.