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Occurs from May to November


The waxing gibbous is a good time to recharge and Taurus loves luxury & low effort magick. Take a restorative soak in rosemary, sage & thyme.

These all double as money-drawing herbs, which are also good spells to cast during a Taurus waxing moon.

Fertile Taurus helps us to create abundance, especially during a waxing moon. Money, prosperity & fertility spells are great to cast.

Use mint for money drawing & luck. It’s in sync with Taurus’s energies.

Any spells pertaining to trust, loyalty, friendship, bonding, or harmony in already established relationships. Any non-manipulative bonding magic.

In general, the moon's energy thrives in Taurus.

Spells begun in Taurus have long-lasting results.​

Finish up spells started at the beginning of the waxing phase before the start of the full moon.