Occurs from May to November


Conjure up some love by infusing lavender, marjoram & catnip into honey. Let it soak in the moonlight & wax with the moon. Use the entire waxing cycle.

 At the full moon, take a taste & don't forget to lick your fingers clean!

Any & all non-manipulative bonding magic or any love spells pertaining to trust, loyalty & harmony in relationships can be cast during a Taurus moon, but only for already established relationships.

The waxing moon is particularly good for drawing

these energies out. 

No significant other? Use the bonding capabilities of the Taurus moon to grow love in a friendship or self-love.

Taurus helps us to grow and to create abundance, especially

during a waxing moon.

Money, prosperity & fertility spells are great to cast. Mint, thyme & sage are all great money drawing herbs and work well under Taurus.

Taurus loves the luxurious. Take a hot herbal soak. There's nothing more Taurus than low-effort magick. Grab a bath bomb or add some bubbles & enjoy.

Spells begun in Taurus have long-lasting results &

can hard to stop.

Taurus amps up earth magick; carve a charm from a sturdy root, charge your crystals or paint a stone with a sigil.