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occurs from May to November


The moon's energy is particularly strong during the Taurus moon & spells begun in Taurus have long-lasting results.


During the Taurus waning moon, neutralize bad energy between

people. Clear the air between people & smoke cleanse with some basil, catnip, or lavender.

Cast any non-manipulative spells pertaining to trust, loyalty, friendship, bonding & harmony in relationships.

Both the Taurus moon and the waning moon aid in magick to dispel writer's block and bring creative inspiration. Destroy obstacles to prosperity, abundance, and financial gain. money spells are extra potent under fertile Taurus as well. 

Taurus amps up earth magick; carve a charm from a sturdy root, charge your crystals or paint a stone with a sigil.

Use mint, apples or apple blossoms, daisies, mugwort, sage, thyme, lavender, rose or nettles in spells during a Taurus moon; the energies of these herbs sync well together.

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