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Occurs with the sun in Taurus


The Taurus new moon coincides with fertile spring & is a particularly good time for money & prosperity spells.

This is the most fertile moon of the year.


Use mint for money-drawing & luck. It’s in sync with Taurus’s energies. During the new moon, sip mint juleps & celebrate.

Fertile Taurus helps us move beyond providing for our basic needs; to grow and blossom and create abundance. It gives us a solid foundation to build our lives.

Taurus amps up earth magick; carve a charm from a sturdy root, charge your crystals or paint a stone with a sigil.

The moon's cleansing energy thrives in Taurus. Treat yourself to a hot bath with sage & rosemary. Infuse hot water with herbs or use

an herbal bath bomb spell!

Let yourself enjoy some wine, chocolates, or a good book while you soak. Taurus loves the luxurious. 

Any spells pertaining to trust and loyalty, friendship, bonding, and harmony in relationships. Love spells, but only for already established, long-term relationships. Non-manipulative bonding magic.

Spells begun in Taurus have long-lasting results and can be next to impossible to stop.

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