occurs from May to November

During the Taurus waning moon, neutralize bad energy from bad people in your life. In general, the waning moon helps us push away what we do not want.


Taurus' energy aids in magick to dispel writer's block & bring creative inspiration.

It also helps us to destroy any obstacles on your path to success. harness the protective & money drawing aspects of basil & sage.


Go out & meditate in the moon’s waning light. Moon energy is particularly potent under Taurus. Spells begun in Taurus have long lasting results and can be next to impossible to stop.


This is a good time to cast any spells pertaining to trust and loyalty, friendship, bonding, and harmony in established relationships.

Only non-manipulative bonding magic.


Taurus amps up earth magick; carve a charm from a sturdy root, charge your crystals or paint a stone with a sigil.


Use mint, apples or apple blossoms, daisies, mugwort, sage, thyme, lavender, rose or nettles in spells during a Taurus moon; the energies of these herbs sync well together.

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