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Occurs with the sun in Scorpio


This is the most fertile moon of the year. Money spells are extra potent.

Basil, mint, sage & thyme are all money-drawing herbs that are potent during a Taurus moon; their energies sync well together.

Fertile Taurus helps us move beyond providing for our basic needs; to grow and blossom and create abundance. 

It gives us the solid foundation to build our lives.

The moon's energy is particularly potent in Taurus.

Any spells pertaining to trust and loyalty, friendship, bonding, and harmony in relationships. Love spells, but only for already established, long-term relationships. Non-manipulative bonding magic.
A good time to celebrate & bless long-term relationships.

For bonding, bringing people together & good eats, try some basil pesto magick. Taurus loves physical luxuries, so delicious food is the perfect way to celebrate a full moon.

Spells begun in Taurus have long-lasting results and can be next to impossible to stop.

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