Occurs from May to November


Fertile Taurus helps us to create abundance. And especially during a waxing moon, money, prosperity & fertility spells are great to cast.

A good time to plant the seeds of success; both literal & figurative. Taurus gives us the tools for material success.

Mint, rosemary & thyme can help attract it & are also delicious. 

Try cooking up some magick in the kitchen; Taraus loves the pleasures of the material world. 

Use sigils in your kitchen magick; etch them into pie crust or draw them in your latte foam.

Sage, rosemary & thyme are all potent under Taurus and make excellent herbal butter.

 Any non-manipulative bonding magic can be cast during a Taurus moon. The 1st quarter moon supercharges all sorts of relationship spells as well.

Spells pertaining to trust & loyalty, friendship, bonding, & harmony in relationships. Love spells too, but only for already established, long term relationships.

The moon's energy is particularly potent in Taurus.

Spells begun in Taurus have long lasting results and can be next to impossible to stop.