occurs from May to November

Summon up sex, love & intimacy with the energy of the waxing moon. Draw it in; use the moons inward pull to your advantage.

Bathe in catnip & rosemary to amp up these vibes; they work in sync with Scorpio's energy. Scorpio also naturally vibes with any spell involving water.

Or try a mugwort & thyme bath to restore courage in the face of your vulnerabilities. The Scorpio moon has us looking hard at our fears & vulnerabilities. It can be intense.

Another option is to use Scorpio's energy to energize spells for dreams & divination. Reading runes, tarot cards, or tea leaves are perfect activities. 

Use mugwort with catnip & lavender in a pre-ritual bath to induce visions and cosmic“remembering.”

Spells for rebirth, sex and intimacy, or power and control are also all especially potent under a Scorpio moon though Scorpio is compatible with most spellwork. 

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