occurs from May to November


Embrace Scorpio's need for rebirth; the crescent moon is a great time for new beginnings. let go & transform.

Scorpio wants us to look at our fears & vulnerabilities. to have us face our demons & dark side.

Commit to trying to understand yourself a little better. Journal daily & smudge/smoke cleanse with mugwort & rosemary to unearth secrets as the moon waxes. 

Scorpio favors work with the spirit world & the dead. 

Use the strength of the waxing crescent moon to summon a helpful spirit. 

Spells for rebirth, sex & intimacy, or power & control are also all especially potent under a Scorpio moon.

That said, Scorpio is compatible with most spellwork.

As a water sign, Scorpio naturally vibes with any spell involving water; try a bath or brewing tea. 

 For the Scorpio moon, try a mugwort & thyme bath to restore courage in the face of your vulnerabilities.

Or use mugwort with catnip & lavender in a pre-ritual bath to induce visions and cosmic “remembering." Herbal bath bombs make great spells for rituals in the tub.