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occurs from November to May


A good phase for minor banishings & cleansings. The Scorpio waning gibbous moon focuses on our fears & vulnerabilities. This sign can be emotionally intense. It can leave us eager for the rebirth that Scorpio brings.


Spells involving shame, secrets, the hidden, the taboo rebirth,

sex, intimacy, or power are also all especially potent under a

Scorpio moon.


Dreaming and divination also come naturally at the full moon and Scorpio is a great sign for these types of spells; particularly with life changes desires & growth.


Use the moon's energy to be rid of your demons & darkness. 

Write down what you wish to change about yourself. Bind it with black thread & burn. Work towards manifesting that reality.

Hang herbs on the showerhead to activate their energies with steam. Just remember to remove them before they get moldy!


As a water sign, Scorpio naturally vibes with any spell involving water; try a mugwort & thyme bath to restore courage in the face of your vulnerabilities.

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