occurs from November to May


The waning moon is an extra potent time to cast banishings. Be rid of stubborn spirits or obstacles in your relationships. Burn them away with sage & bay.


Scorpio is good for work with intimacy & vulnerabilities.

As the moon fades we are confronted with uncomfortable endings & the impermanent nature of things. Embrace it. Let go & transform.  


Dreaming & divination come naturally under a Scorpio moon; particularly with life changes, desires, & growth.

During the waning moon, seek introspection & look to the past rather than divine the future.


Scorpio favors work with the spirit world and the dead and spells involving shame, secrets, the hidden, or the taboo.


That said, Scorpio is compatible with most spellwork.


As a water sign, Scorpio naturally vibes with any spell involving water; try an herbal bath bomb, brewing tea, or charging rainwater in the moonlight.


Sage, basil, catnip, mugwort Nettles, yarrow & rosemary all vibe with Scorpio’s energy.


Any spells cast during the beginning of the waning phase should be wrapped up before the dark moon.