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Occurs with the sun in Scorpio


The Scorpio new moon is the ultimate rebirth. It has us looking hard at our fears & vulnerabilities. Scorpio likes to have us facing our demons & dark side. 

Spells involving shame, secrets, the hidden, or the taboo.

It can be intense. 

Dreaming & divination come naturally at the Scorpio new moon. Sage aids in lifting the veil; smudge/smoke cleanse with sage, mugwort, yarrow, or catnip.

All of these herbs vibe with Scorpio's energy.

As a water sign, Scorpio naturally vibes with any spell involving water; try a bath or brewing tea.

Bath bombs make great premade spells & can harness the moon's energy for later use. 

 For the Scorpio moon, try a mugwort & thyme bath to restore courage in the face of your vulnerabilities.

Or use mugwort with catnip & lavender in a pre-ritual bath to induce visions and cosmic “remembering.”

Scorpio favors work with the spirit world & the dead.

Spells for rebirth, sex, and intimacy, or power and control are also all especially potent under a Scorpio moon.

That said, Scorpio is compatible with most spellwork.

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