occurs from May to November


The Scorpio moon is compatible with most spellwork & the waxing moon has powerful energies to draw things to us.


Scorpio favors work with the spirit world & the dead. Use the waxing moons energy to call the spirits.

Cast a circle of salt & sage for protection.

Spells for rebirth, sex and intimacy, or power & control are also all especially potent under a Scorpio moon.

Use caution & consent with any binding, love, or other manipulative magick.

Spells involving shame, secrets, the hidden, or the taboo.

Scorpio likes to have us facing our vulnerabilities. thyme can restore courage in the face of your vulnerabilities.

Dreaming & divination come naturally under a Scorpio moon. Drawn down dreams by smoke cleansing/smudging with sage, mugwort, or catnip. Or use in a pre-ritual bath to induce visions and cosmic “remembering.”

A great time for reading runes or tarot cards. 

As a water sign, Scorpio empowers any spell involving water; try a bath or brewing tea.

Sage, basil, catnip, mugwort, nettles, yarrow & rosemary all vibe with Scorpio’s energy.