choose a phase for specific spells

Try spells for:

 rebirth & transformation, secrets, divination & dreaming, power, sex & intimacy, binding & banishing, death & the spirits


For water signs like Scorpio, magick involving water is super effective; especially natural water like the ocean or rain.

The element of water is also associated with cauldrons or chalices.




Dip your toes in natural water under the moonlight. Float in the ocean or a pool & meditate.

Brew a tea of your favorite herbs. Drink it or use the infused water to clean.

Take an herbal soak with salt & purify yourself. or bathe in herbs for happiness & banish bad vibes down the tub's drain.

charge rainwater.

Write the name of someone you wish would stay our of your life on paper and flush it down the toilet. 


basil, rosemary, catnip, mugwort, sage, yarrow, holly & nettles

jasper, ruby, topaz, obsidian, bloodstone & onyx