falls between mabon & yule

The last harvest festival, this day is often associated with the dead and honoring ancestors. The veil between rhis world & the next is at its thinnest, making it an opportune night to divine.

Like any Sabbat, celebrate with friends & family. Many secular traditions stem from pagan roots.

Don't deprive yourself!

Bonfires, pumpkins, harvest festivals, apples, and anything pertaining to the harvest is all in alignment with Samhain. 

besoms, lanterns, pumpkins & gourds,

apples & pomegrantes

  • Decorate with harvest symbols

  • Make offerings to the spirits

  • Try pomegranates or apple magick

  • Make a witch's broom & spiritually sweep

  • Cast a glamour spell

  • Visit graves

  • Host a bonfire

  • Divine while the veil is thin

  • Make candles for ritual use

obsidian, onyx & other black stones

orange, black, white, silver, gold

sage, mint, mugwort,

calendula, catnip, thistle, dandelion

cider, apples & pomegranates,

anything pumpkin, 

herbal tea, sweets, cakes

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