new moon_edited_edited.png

occurs from June to December


This moon phase is all about recharging. Take Sagittarius's wanderlust & put it to use by checking out new scenery. 

Even if you don't go very far. A different country or a new park,

it doesn't matter. The Sagittarius moon has us seeking the world outside ourselves. 

An excellent time to soul search, look for meaning in the world & connect with the higher powers. 

Sagittarius' themes are religion & metaphysics. Try a new way to connect to the unknown; a set of runes, a crystal pendulum, a tarot set, tea leaves.

Lavender, mint, feverfew, rose & sage are all in sync with Sagittarius & are great for spellwork at this time.

Use Sagittarius' energies to amp up fire magick. A candle can add extra oomph to a spell. 

A good time for creative projects.

Don't forget to take the time to wrap up any spells started at the beginning of the waxing cycle.

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