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Occurs from December to June


Harness the firepower of Sagittarius by smoke cleasning/smudging. Try wrapping your own smudge stick.

Use sage & lavender for enlightenment or thyme & bay leaves for minor banishings. Although lavender, mint, feverfew, rose, sage & borage are the most in sync with Sagittarius.


Sagittarius lets us radically rethink the world around us & what we believe in. But Sagittarius' energy is uplifting & positive. Banish old habits & beliefs that no longer serve you. Use the entire waning phase to get rid of them.


Try a group ritual; The Sagittarius moon enjoys connecting with people.


Tarot card or rune readings, bonfires & creative projects all vibe hard with this sign. 


Try experimenting with a new spell; Sagittarius likes the new & non-conforming.


Go out and explore. The Sagittarius moon has us seeking the world outside ourselves.