Occurs from December to June


Sagittarius' energy is uplifting & positive. So grab some St. John's wort & lavender to burn & banish anything that'sbumming you out.


Any spells cast during the beginning of the waning phase should be wrapped up before the dark moon.


Excellent time to search for meaning & higher powers. Or to soul search & redefine what we believe in.


Super-charge any spell under a fire sign with as many candles as you can find and that can fit in your space.


Good time for a group ritual or a group tarot reading.

The Sagittarius moon has us seeking the world outside ourselves. new people & new places vibe hard with the Sagittarian need for the novel.

Experiment with a new spell; Sagittarius likes the new & non-conforming. 


Lavender, feverfew, rose, sage & borage are all in sync with Sagittarius and are great for spellwork at this time.

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