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Occurs with the sun in Sagittarius


Sagittarius' themes are religion & metaphysics; we search 

for truth & meaning in the world. This sign's energy is uplifting & positive. 


An excellent time to soul search, look for meaning in the world & connect with the higher powers. Make an offering to a deity


Tarot or rune readings, and divination of all sorts works

well under this moon. 

A good time for journaling, introspection & other creative projects.

The new moon is the best time for new beginnings. Use the energy to start a new project or research a new topic.


Listen to the Sagittarius moon's call to connect with our tribe & harness the sign's firepower by holding a bonfire. Burn sage & mugwort & gaze into the flames.

Other herbs that work well for spells under Sagittarius include lavender, mint, feverfew, rose, sage & borage.

This is a good time to experiment with a new spell or go somewhere new; Sagittarius has a need for the novel.

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