lastquarter moon_edited.png
lastquarter moon_edited.png

Occurs from December to June


This is a good time for group work as well as banishings. So band together with your coven & cast out bad energy by lighting a bonfire & tossing in herbs like sage, mugwort, or bay leaves. 


Make an offering to a deity & ask for their aid in the banishing. Sagittarius is an excellent sign for work with the higher powers.


Good time to soak in the moon's light & soul search. Ring yourself with candles while you do it. 

Fire magick is charged & potent under Sagittarius.


A good time to experiment with a new spell, new people & new places. The new & novel vibes hard with the Sagittarian need for the novel.

Lavender, mint, feverfew, rose, sage & borage all work well with the Sagittarius moon.

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