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Occurs with the sun in Gemini


Sagittarian themes are religion & metaphysics; we search for truth & meaning in the world. We have an opportunity to soul search and redefine what we believe in.

An excellent time to search for meaning & higher powers. Burn sage & mugwort & gaze into the flames.

For fire signs, magick involving incense, candles, or other fire is supercharged. Amplify any spell with as many candles as you can get your hands on!

Gemini's vibes are notoriously fickle & can mess with any spell work.

The Sagittarius moon is calling for us to connect with people. Try a group ritual or a group tarot reading.

Charge divination tools, crystals & other magickal tools in the moonlight. 

Invite over your fellow witches & host an ingredient swap. Trade for something you’ve never worked with before experiment with a new spell; Sagittarius likes the new & non-conforming. 

New people & new places vibe hard with the Sagittarian need for

the novel.

Lavender, mint, feverfew, rose & sage are all herbs that are in sync with Sagittarius & are great for spellwork at this time.

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