occurs from June to December


The moon under Sagittarius is an excellent time to

look for truth & meaning in the world & connect with the higher powers. 

Use the waxing moon to help summon higher beings. Cast a circle of salt for protection before smoke cleansing with mugwort & sage to call down the unknown.


For fire signs, magick involving fire is supercharged. Try making your own candles or carve a candle for your favorite deity.

A good time for journaling, introspection & other creative projects. Also a good sign for tarot readings or rune readings.

During the waxing moon, cast a glamour; a very Sagittarian spell to boost self-confidence. Change up your hair, clothes, or makeup.

Do something drastically different from your norm!


Sagittarius calls for us to connect with our tribe. Host a coven meeting. invite someone new or go somewhere new. 

Sagittarius likes the novel.


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