Rosemary  Illustration by Quinn K Dyer

Rosmarinus officinalis

Drying Herbs, Rosemary
Purification, protection love & loyalty
fire, sun, masculinity & handfasting
Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, scorpio & Taurus
Rosemary Branch
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Rosemary replenishes energy & the spirit. It’s said to help keep you young. This is particularly true for women.

Rosemary is a woman’s plant; it feeds it’s guardian witch willingly. She will thrive as her rosemary does.

It has cleansing & protective properties and helps to focus energy & help you to think clearly.

The wood & twigs can be used for wands & charms.

Rosemary & rain water can be used to break a curse.

Rosemary is one of my favorites for kitchen magic. You can eat it fresh or cooked. And it helps extend the shelf life of food.

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Rosemary is very easy to grow & a great addition to any magical garden. An established plant can be pruned often & is extremely hardy.

It loves the sun and is drought resistant. Though it does well in containers, rosemary quickly gets large.

Rosemary is a good companion to grow with sage.

It can be tricky to grow from seed because it has a low germination rate though it is possible if you’re patient. It’s much easier to grow from cuttings taken from an established plant.

Rosemary cuttings take longer to become established than plants like basil or mint. This is because of Rosemary's woody stem.

Take a single stem and strip the leaves, leaving the top four. Place the stem in a container of water and make sure the leaves stay dry.

Leave the container in a sunny spot and in a few days you should see little white tendrils of the new roots beginning to grow. In a week or so, these roots will be a couple inches long & ready for planting!

Herbs and Salt, Rosemary
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Rosemary is known to stimulate memory. Carrying it will enhance your memory, but also other people's memory of you. Using a sprig of rosemary as a bookmark will help you retain information while studying. Or it can be used in dream work to help remember dreams more clearly.  

One of the best ways to unlock rosemary’s magic is by burning it. It helps to purify the air and is one of my favorites to use alongside sage.

Rosemary is traditionally woven into wreaths for protection. Or to be used at weddings and handfastings in crowns along with oregano for the couple as a symbol of fidelity and joy.

It’s also used during Yuletide with other evergreens as altar decorations.

An herbal bath with rosemary sprigs or even essential oils has many beneficial magical and medicinal effects.
A few sprigs of thyme, rosemary & lavender eases joint pain & body aches. Lemongrass and rosemary can aid in circulation. Rosemary, mint & lemon balm can replenish the spirit & repair auras.

A cup of Epsom salts can add an extra kick. They help relax muscles, ease joint pain, and eliminate toxins. Be wary when buying Epsom salts because they often have unnecessary added chemical fragrances and dyes.

Bath bombs are a great way to add fresh herbs to your bath too!