Rose Illustration by Quinn K Dyer
Red Rose
Love, beauty & divination
Venus, water, & Femininity
Taurus, Cancer, Libra & Aries
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Roses have been cultivated for over 5,000 years and have long been considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. 

This “Queen of All Flowers” is a must-have for any witch’s garden.

Roses have long been associated with love & ancient deities of love. They are a staple in love & beauty spells, but are also used for protection, luck, divination & domestic peace.

Many witches have a special place in their hearts for roses. Wild roses have 5 petals and were often compared to the pentagram. Like how their cousin, the apple, is compared to the pentacle.

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Roses have a reputation for being tricky to grow and picky about their home — and there's a reason for that.

In general, roses like full sun, well-draining soil, and don’t like to be crowded. But more precisely, the plant likes six hours of morning sun rather than afternoon. And morning waterings are preferred. They are also prone to fungal diseases, especially if watered incorrectly!

They want their soil at a particular pH and there are ample products designed to make them more comfortable. Roses also require some pruning, including cutting flowerheads to keep the plant producing.

Of course, be sure to leave some flowers behind. They mature into rose hips, the rose's fruit.

There are many varieties of roses. Cultivated varieties can climb, be bushy, or sprawling. And many are designed with particular climates in mind. Some are bred to be disease or pest resistant or more tolerant of drought or shade.

Pink Rose
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Various colors have an assortment of meanings, including, but not limited to: red for love, white for innocence, yellow for joy and friendship, and pink for young love, maidenhood, or affection.

Rose petals are a staple in bath spells for beauty and confidence. Use with honey & lavender or chamomile.

Love spells are super-charged during a Libra, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio moon though each of those signs represents a different sort of love. Stalwart Taurus strengthens trust and the long term. Libra brings cooperation, peace, and of course, balance. While Leo and Scorpio are all about sex and passion.

Roses can be used to sever ties to an old love as well as bring it.

A bath of rose petals and lavender can double as a beauty or love spell & a sleep aid!  For a more potent soak, combine herbs with a cup of Epsom salts. They can help purify toxins from your skin.  

Try a beauty spell when the moon is in Libra; they are extra potent then. Grind down the petals of red roses with a mortar and pestle to make a natural blush-slash-beauty-spell.

Petals and whole blooms make great offerings. Petals also make great confetti for Sabbats, group rituals, and other witchy celebrations. Use to decorate an altar, fresh or dry.

To dry, simply hang flowers upside down or spread petals out on linen or parchment paper. Store in a jar or other airtight container.  

Rosehips are the rounded part of the flower just below the petals, where the seeds are contained. Flowers mature into rose hips with the petals drop and are the fruit of the rose plant. They are used medicinally.

Rosehip tea is used to treat anemia; they are chocked full of iron and Vitamin C. Rosehip syrup or honey can be used in teas for colds and fevers. They can be used in wine, jams & jellies, pies, or eaten raw.