Pumpkin Illustration by Quinn K Dyer

Cucurbita pepo

abundance, fertility & prosperity
Virgo, water & earth
Mabon & samhain
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A staple of fall, pumpkins are great for love, prosperity, fertility, growth, abundance, protection, divination, and beauty spells. They are generally good for all forms of positive magick.


Pumpkins are generally used in decor, foods, and spellwork throughout the harvest season and have associations with Mabon and Samhain.

Like apple picking, going to a pumpkin patch in the fall is one of the many modern ways we still have to connect to the changing seasons and an easy way to celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year and the fall Sabbats!

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A member of the gourd family, pumpkins are native to North America and have been grown for thousands of years. And because of its long standing position as a staple fall and winter vegetable, pumpkins are often seen as symbols of stability and abundance. 

Pumpkins are hardy plants and will grow just about anywhere! I’ve had smashed pumpkins, left outside, spring to life the next year — no wonder they are symbolic of fertility! 

They do need a fairly nutritious soil and a good balance of water.

Too much and they will rot, too little and they won’t thrive. The key is mulch plus a good watering once a week. It's really all they really need. 

They are best grown from seed and left alone to grow. They don’t like to be transplanted! And there are dozens of varieties to choose from when planting. You can save pumpkin seeds to grow next year, but varieties will cross pollinate and there is no guarantee that you will end up with a similar pumpkin. 

Pumpkin vines are sprawling and need space. They can be trellised, but do not need to be pruned!

Pumpkin & Samhain
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Although the bright orange fruit is one of fall’s most recognizable symbols, pumpkins can range in color from grey to green to yellow to white to purple. They commonly weigh between 10 and 30 pounds, but can be much larger and smaller, depending on the variety. 

Pumpkins also have associations with the moon and the elements of earth and water. For lunar spells, white pumpkins vibe the best.

Try a beauty spell by making a mask of honey & pumpkin pulp. The pulp is a natural exfoliant and rich in vitamin A while honey soothes skin irritations. It's great for dry skin!

Jack-o-lanterns are one of the pumpkin’s most recognizable uses and they are actually a form of protection magick. Their scary faces are intended to drive away evil spirits and are a longstanding fall tradition. Jack-o-lanterns can be carved from gourds, potatoes, or turnips too. They are also said to guide spirits home. Try carving protective symbols too!

Another way to amp up a carved pumpkin's protective properties is by burning/smudging protective herbs inside the pumpkin instead of a plain candle or anointing the candle itself with oils.

Pumpkins stems can be dried and saved to add to spells. They

are great for prosperity magick and wishing spells. They can be painted or gently carved as well even after the rest of the

pumpkin begins to rot. 

Pumpkins are, of course, also good for all sorts of kitchen magick: breads, soups, butters, pies, canning, etc. They are delicious as well as rich in vitamins and minerals. 

Roasted seeds are not just for snacking either. They are excellent for jar or sachet spells as well, especially for fertility, beauty, growth, abundance, or protection.

 Both pumpkins seeds and whole pumpkins are good to have nearby when divining as they can provide more insight and clarity to your visions.