Punica granatum

fertility, wealth & wisdom
fire & masculinity
Scorpio & samhain
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Filled with literally hundreds of seeds, pomegranates are the

ultimate ingredient for fertility spells, and they have represented fertility since antiquity. 


Pomegranates have been cultivated since ancient times in the

Middle East, the Mediterranean, and beyond.


It has been written about in Babylonian texts and found in

Egyptian tombs and along the Silk Road, and some scholars even speculate that the forbidden fruit of the garden of Eden was the pomegranate, not the apple. 


They are also used in spells for luck, wealth, wisdom, protection, prosperity, and healing. The fruit also has associations with Samhain & the dark half of the year.

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Certain varieties can be grown in containers, but trees can take years to get established. Irregular waterings, drought, overwatering, and high humidity can affect fruit production, especially in early years.


Naturally bushy, pomegranate trees usually stay between 6 and 12 feet tall, and can be pruned to grow in a more upward, tree-like form. They are also self-pollinating, which means the tree can be grown alone, without a buddy; unlike many fruit trees.


Relatively drought tolerant, pomegranate trees do need

regular waterings to produce fruit. And the fruit needs a lot of sun to ripen. 


Keep in mind that root cuttings are more reliable than seeds to start a plant. Seeds don’t always grow into the same variety as the parent fruit and some varieties of pomegranates are bred to be purely ornamental.


Five plus years in a long time to wait to see if the fruit is edible. Finding a sapling from a nursery is a good idea! You’ll also get a good idea of the particular variety’s intricacies this way; such as frost and disease tolerance.

Pomegranate Seeds
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Known as the fruit of the underworld, pomegranates are used in rituals to connect to our ancestors & the spirit world. Try working with spirits during a Scorpio moon, as both pomegranates & this type of spellcraft vibe well with Scorpio’s energies.


The fruit makes a great offering to the dead and the ruby-red seeds can be eaten at Samhain for luck as well. 


Dried pomegranate rinds can be added to jar or sachet spells for prosperity & money-drawing. They can also be burned as incense to attract wealth. 


The wood of the pomegranate tree makes good wands, especially for use in protection or fertility spells. Branches can be carved into amulets or hung near thresholds to harness those protective energies. 


The sweet-tart juice is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, making the juice a great addition to smoothies to heal & protect your body! 


The juice is also said to impart wisdom and can be used as a dye or as ink for spell writing purposes. Or use it to represent blood, especially divine or menstrual blood in spellwork. It can also take the place of wine in rituals if you are underage! 


For a quick love spell, stain your lips with juice from the seeds.