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occurs from September to March


Pisces is a sign of compassion, forgiveness, deep emotions & unconditional love.

Use this energy to heal yourself. Be self-indulgent & use the moon's energy to restore your spirit.

Pisces can leave you feeling world-weary. Boost your energy with mint & lemongrass tea.

Spiritual Pisces is also one of the best signs for divination & dreamwork.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is a bridge between this life & the next. Try bathing in mugwort, chamomile, & lavender to reconnect the power of the cosmic mother.

Spells involving water are potent under Pisces.

Draw in any last dregs of spells cast during the beginning of the waxing phase.

Dandelion, basil, sage, lavender, yarrow, chickweed,

nettles & borage are all in sync with Pisces and are great herbs

for spellwork at this time.

The Pisces moon is a bad time for protection spells, but 

Pisces energizes spells for music, art, and beauty; try a beauty

or glamour spell.