occurs from September to March


Use the waxing moon's pull to conjure positive energies to bring about positive change. 

Pisces is a sign of compassion, forgiveness, deep emotions, & unconditional love.

Use this energy to heal yourself & help others. Volunteer or take time to help a loved one out.

Or use the waxing moon’s energy to commit to writing or learning a new song. This can be emotionally healing.


Spiritual Pisces is one of the best signs for divination, dreamwork, & psychic work. 

Reconnect to the cosmic waters & summon

magickal dreams by soaking in an herbal bath of catnip, lavender & mugwort — or try out a herbal bath bomb!​

spells involving water are supercharged under Pisces & lavender responds well under this sign.

 Spells for music, art & beauty are potent under a Pisces moon.  But it is a bad time for protection spells.