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occurs from March to September


Use the waning moon's destructive energy to banish blocks in

creative energy; let whatever is stifling your creative spirit wane with the moon.


Try cleansing your energy, your home & your creative tools by smoke cleansing/smudging with sage & other herbs. Bathe everything in smoke.

Or banish intense emotion by belting out an appropriate song; crank up the volume & let loose. Pisces energizes any spells for music, art & beauty.


Divination & dreamwork also come naturally under super

spiritual Pisces. Bathe in mugwort, lavender & sage to summon those cosmic energies.


Spells involving water are supercharged under Pisces; a sign that represents the cosmic waters from which we are born.

Pisces is a sign of compassion, forgiveness, deep emotions, & unconditional love. it represents the suffering that unites us all.  

Pisces moon is a bad time for protection spells.

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