occurs from March to September

Pisces energizes spells for music, art, and beauty. Use the waning moons to banish blocks in creativity. 


Pisces exudes mysticism & spirituality. It’s easy to leave our bodies behind in this time of rebirth; divination, dreamwork, & psychic work come naturally. Pisces is one of the best signs for it.

Scry with pre-charged moon water or charge some in the moonlight. Do a tarot reading or cast some runes. With the waning moon, it is best to look towards the past. 


A good time to reflect, as Pisces is a sign of compassion, deep emotions, & unconditional love. 


Pisces moon is a bad time for protection spells.


Dandelion, basil, sage, lavender, yarrow, chickweed, nettles & borage are all in sync with Pisces and are great for spellwork at this time. 

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