occurs at the spring equinox

This spring Sabbat celebrates the returning light, the equinox, & the end of winter. Symbols of fertility & maiden goddesses are prominent across cultures. We enjoy the rebirth of nature.  

Like any Sabbat, celebrate with friends & family. Many secular traditions stem from pagan roots.

Don't deprive yourself!

Rabbits, eggs, flowers & the theme of renewed life is all in alignment with Ostara. 

Honey, eggs, flowers, bonfires

  • Make a flower crown

  • Plant & bless early seeds

  • Cast blessings & protection spells

  • Spend time outside in the sun's light

  • Leave offerings for deities 

  • Host a feast

rose quartz, jasper, moonstone, amethyst, aquamarine

pastels; green, pink, blue, yellow

dandelion, rose, strawberries,

sage, daffodils, iris, lilies

dairy & eggs, early berries, leafy greens & sprouts, bread & honey, seeds & nuts, fish, lamb, or ham

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