Acorn Illustration


wisdom, strength, perseverance
Water, Jupiter & mars
Lightning, Midsummer & Yule
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The acorn and oak are very often considered symbols of the patience and determination needed to attain long term goals — and are useful in spells for achieving those goals. 

The oak also represents wisdom, strength, perseverance, hard work, patience, security, and prosperity. 

Acorns are used in harvest rituals and as decor for autumn altars and Sabbats. They are also a powerful symbol of both Midsummer and Yule, especially with the lore of the Oak and Holly Kings. Both the Yule log and Midsummer bonfires traditionally burn oak wood.

Mistletoe, another very magickal plant, uses oak as a host tree. However, it grows parasitically on the branches and can quickly take over a tree. Both plants have associations with use at Yule and Midsummer and are associated with lightning. And both plants were deeply important to the druids.

Oak leaves and acorns
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There are over 600 varieties of oak tree across the globe and growing wild. They are easy to find and forage from. There’s little need to plant and grow your own. But! There’s a good chance there’s one growing close by already!

Some species of oak grow over 80 feet tall and live to be more than 600 years old. These ancients are staples in ecosystems around the world, providing food and shelter to many other species. In the wild, they are a sign of a well established forest. The single, towering oak tree in my backyard is a home for Spanish moss, squirrels, lizards, a beautiful hen of the woods mushroom, several species of birds, and countless insects. 

Try to find one of these majestic trees at a local park or nature preserve and spend some time under its branches!

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Oak trees are rich in lore. They are powerful symbols when seen in dreams and resting your head on the roots of an old oak is said to impart stability and security. A crown of oak leaves symbolizes victory, wisdom and a connection to the divine. 

The bark has medicinal properties and is used for treating cuts, burns, mouth infections, and skin conditions. Bark can also be used as an incense, and has been used for tanning leather and dye for cloth. 

Acorns can be used in spells or as charms for wealth, luck, protection & male fertility. When gathered during a full moon, acorns are said to attract fairies and impart luck. They can also be placed on windowsills to bathe in the moonlight to charge their energies.

Not just a food for squirrels, acorns are a nutritious, ancient food source that can be found in parks and backyard. They can be used in breads or soups, and are easy to forage for! Different oaks so produce different sized nuts, so this can be more tedious with certain oaks, but all acorns are edible once prepared.

The process to create acorn flour is somewhat involved, including leaching, grinding, shelling, soaking, and roasting the nuts as the tannin levels are very high and must be dealt with before eating. They will be very bitter otherwise.

Acorns have even been used as a coffee substitute.

Since antiquity, oak wood has been used for ship building (including Vikings), for furniture, for smoking and flavoring meats, and for barrels for wine and whiskey. The round table of King Arthur was supposedly made from the cross section of a giant oak tree.

Magically, the wood can be used for making staffs, wands, runes, charms & other carvings. It can also be burned in bonfires for rituals.