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Artemisia vulgaris

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Also known as cronewort, mugwort is a member of the family Artemesia.

With strong associations to the moon & menstruation, Mugwort is a woman’s plant.


It is highly medicinal & can aid in a variety of menstrual problems including heavy periods, delayed periods & cramps.

Our ancestors rarely separated magic and medicine.

This plant comes with many warnings though. It can be toxic! And pregnant women should avoid it at all costs!

Mugwort stimulates the uterus & should never be used by pregnant women as it can cause the uterus to expel its contents.

There is also an allergy risk! If plant material causes an allergic reaction, then do not ingest it.


Mugwort should only be ingested sparingly as too much is hazardous to your health. It should be used only in small amounts & never for prolonged periods.

Be responsible and respect your body.

That being said, mugwort is the plant to use for psychic work & dream spells. It can help you harness your inner power. It enhances the ability to remember & understand your dreams. Dreams become more vivid & some people do find this to be too intense.

Mugwort is not for everyone. It is not a gentle plant.

Mugwort will drag your psychic ability out of you; kicking and screaming if it must. Be careful!

Sprouting Plant
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Mugwort can be planted from seed, but it grows wild all over the world &  could already be in your backyard.

Use caution while wildcrafting if you aren’t familiar with the plant it can be mistaken for poisonous hemlock.

If your seeds are having trouble germinating, they may benefit from sitting in the fridge for a couple weeks. Some people plant the seeds in fall to sprout in spring because of this.

It can be hard to grow domestically & won’t grow for just anyone.

It’s a wild thing; a weed. If you are able to grow it in your garden it may be because you are more attuned to the plant and perhaps it’s magic might be more potent for you.

There’s something very special about growing your own plants for magical use; having your own energy worked into the plants makes very potent.

Mugwort is nearly impossible to kill once established and will, in fact, spread like a weed in many climates. If you aren’t careful it can take over your garden. Makes a good companion plant as bothersome bugs avoid it. Keep in a pot to avoid it crowding out other plants.

It needs lots of sun & drier soil.

Harvest leaves before flowering, preferably on the full moon. Flowers bloom from July to September & can be harvested in fall & dried. Hang them upside down to dry.
Some say the best time to harvest the flowers is Midsummer’s Day.

Remember to use with care as there is an allergy risk. If you have issues with ragweed, then it’s best to avoid using mugwort. Don't be discouraged if allergies to a plant prevent you from using it.

Likewise, don't be discouraged if a particular plant doesn't grow for you. Even the greenest witches aren't in tune with every plant.

Every cilantro plant I’ve ever owned has died on me, but then again it's also not a herb I particularly like.

Herbal Tea
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Mugwort is a powerfully protective herb that can be used in many different ways.

Stems can be woven into a wreath or twisted into a pentacle star & hung by a doorway or bed frame for protection.

To create a potent protection circle mix use with sea salt & other protective herbs such as St. John’s wort, rosemary, yarrow or rue.

An herbal infusion of mugwort (made like tea) can be used to cleanse and bless altars & magical tools.

The stems can also be used to create a broom to sweep altars clean.

A crown of mugwort worn at Midsummer & tossed into the fire is a also used for powerful year-long protection.

The fresh or dried herb can be stuffed in a dream pillow or hung in bundles by your bed to enhance dreaming.

Mugwort tea is a sure way to bring on dreams & aid in divination or used as a sleep aid & for heavy menstruation or bad cramps.

However, the tea can be bitter and is best with other herbs, like mint. If steeped too long it is undrinkable (No more than 5 or 6 minutes).

Mugwort can also be infused in honey & added to tea this way.

Bathing in mugwort tea can be more pleasant than drinking it.
It can be used with catnip and lavender in a pre ritual bath to induce visions & cosmic “remembering”. 
For a protection bath, combine mugwort with rosemary, sweetgrass, yarrow or St. John’s wort.
Add rose petals and honeysuckle to a mugwort bath for erotic dreaming.

Bath bombs are an easy way to add these herb's potent

energies to your tub.

Burn or smoke leaves to clear the mind, heighten the senses & induce a trance state. Caution: you may feel a bit ‘funny’.

Use in a smudge stick with sage & rosemary to sanctify a space.