occurs at the summer solstice

At the solstice, the earth is pregnant with the fall's harvest. We celebrate the bounty of the season & seek to bless and nurture the growing crops.

This is the ultimate fire festival and fire magick of any kind if potent.

use the energy of the sun to imbue any magickal work done today. Many herbs are available to wildcraft or harvest.  it's a traditional time to harvest a variety of plants for added potency: yarrow, mistletoe, mugwort, chamomile, vervain, buckeye, lavender, etc.


the sun, bonfires,

fruit & flowers, the fae

things to do_edited.png
  • Gather herbs

  • Host a bonfire or barbecue

  • Watch the sun rise or set; sunbathe

  • Make a dream pillow with fresh herbs

  • Charge ritual items in the sun's light

  • Burn herbs in a bonfire or as incense

  • listen to music that celebrates the sun

  • Make flower crowns & decorate with flowers

emerald, amber, jade & tiger's eye


Green & gold

chamomile, daisy,

St. John's wort, mugwort, lavender, yarrow, thyme, sunflowers, vervain


all fresh food, honeyed mead, honey cakes, ale, red wine, herbal tea & any sun-colored citrus or sweets