occurs at the autumn equinox

The second harvest and the Autumn equinox​. It is the traditional time of the grape harvest among other things.

This is a time to rest, relax & reflect on what we have reaped this year. And of course, give thanks for it.

Like any Sabbat, celebrate with friends & family. Secular activities like apple picking, harvest festivals & hayrides are appropriate to the Sabbat & should be enjoyed!


apples & nuts, gourds, wine & cider, fall flowers, The cornucopia

things to do_edited.png
  • scatter offerings outdoors

  • give thanks to the higher powers

  • decorate with harvest symbols

  • cast a spell with apple magick

  • go to a wine tasting

  • bake!

  • crown a king & queen of the harvest

  • make a crown of fall flowers or braid them into your hair

  • watch the sun rise or set

  • host a potluck feast

  • collect & save seeds

yellow agates, lapis lazuli, sapphire


dark red, orange, brown, gold, yellow

rose , sage, rue, honeysuckle, sunflower, 

tobacco, yarrow, rosemary, apple


acorns, corn & grain,

wine, beer, cider, apples, apple butter, bread, nuts & nut pies, fall produce like potatoes, turnips, onions, squash