falls between midsummer & mabon

The first of the three harvest festivals, this harvest is primarily to celebrate the harvest of grain; corn, wheat, rye, barley, etc. We celebrate the fertility of the earth mother & traditionally offer up a sacrifice of the harvest to her as thanks.  

after this sabbat the sun's light noticeably wanes

and though the warmth of summer lingers, it is coming to an end. 


beer & bread, grains & corn, Gourds, the cornucopia

things to do_edited.png
  • collect & save seeds

  • Get outside & enjoy the weather

  • Host a combination potluck feast & bonfire

  • Scatter offerings in gardens & fields

  • Make a crown of late summer flower

  • Decorate with grains, corn cobs, or gourds

  • visit a brewer or try brewing at home

  • bake bread or other treats

  • stargaze! many meteor showers happen this time of year. 

  • host a canning or baking party

adventurine, carnelian, peridot, citrine 


deep colors: yellow, orange, brown,

green, gold, red


rosemary, elderberry, chamomile, sunflower, vervain


elderberry wine,nuts, honey, roasted lamb, berries & pies, bread of all kinds, fall produce