new moon_edited_edited.png

occurs from April to October


Libra sends out some nurturing vibes for an air sign. use them to rebalance, recharge & engage in some self-care.

Harness the element of air with your breath.

Mediate or try some yoga.

The healing magick of elderberries is potent right now, so why not indulge with elderberry wine? Or brew up elderberry syrup. Remember though, the berries are toxic raw.

Libra loves beauty & creating beauty. Harness the waxing moon's energy to cast a glamour spell or summon beauty; bathe in lavender & honey.

This is also when you should wrap up any spells started at the beginning of the waxing cycle. 

Try any spells involving couples, righting past wrongs, or anything that needs to be balanced a little better. 

Revenge spells & spells to deliver justice flourish under Libra, but Libra dishes out justice where it is merited.

If you’re at fault be prepared.