occurs from April to October


 The waxing crescent moon is an excellent time to draw energies inward. Light incense & use libra's energies to summon up compromise & cooperation. Use the entire waxing cycle if you need to.


Libra gives us an awareness of how other people see us. Try any spells involving couples, righting past wrongs, or anything that needs to be balanced a little better.  

Air magick is potent right now. Utilize knot magick, wands, feathers & your breath.

Spells pertaining to the delivering of justice are best done in

Libra, including revenge spells. But beware, Libra serves justice where it is merited.

If you’re at fault be prepared to come to terms with it.


Use the Libra moon generate balance with some self-care: 

cleanse your body & spirit with a rosemary & sage bath.


Catnip, elderberry, thyme, yarrow & nettles are vibe with Libra's energy too & are great for spellwork at this time.

Try a spell to summon beauty with the moon under Libra; paint your lips with pomegranate juice.