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occurs from October to April


Knock your life back into balance. The waning Libra moon is a good time to get rid of things keeping you from happiness.

Banish obstacles for healthy partnerships, relationships, or marriages. confront change in your relationships. 

A massage bar with rose petals & lavender can aid in breaking barriers between lovers.


The waning gibbous moon is a good time to cleanse your home and ritual tools; just a quick tidying up though, nothing major.


Libra loves to create beauty in the world.

Try a beauty or glamour spell with the moon under Libra; spells to banish poor self-confidence & bad impressions. Or banish creative blocks.


Catnip, elderberry, thyme, yarrow, nettles, bergamot, & St. John’s wort are all in sync with Libra and are great for spellwork at this time.


Air magick is potent right now. Try knot magick, wands, feathers & your breath in your casting.

Spells pertaining to revenge, legal matters or the delivering of justice are best done in Libra. But always be cautious while casting because Libra will serve justice where it is merited.

Even if it's you.