occurs from October to April


Revenge spells are precisely the type of destructive magic the Libra moon likes. Send evil energy back to its source by lighting a black candle.

But beware of the energy rebounding. Libra will dole out justice where it sees fit.

Under Libra, try any spells involving couples, righting past wrongs, or anything that needs to be balanced a little better.  


Libra gives us an awareness of how other people see us. This is a

good time to confront change in relationships & how we connect to

each other.

Use the waning moon's light to banish obstacles for healthy partnerships, relationships, or marriages.

Burn away bad vibes with a little bit of sage.


Catnip, elderberry, thyme, yarrow, nettles, bergamot, & St. John’s wort are all herbs that are in sync with Libra and are great for spellwork at this time.


Libra also supercharges any spells involving air; use your breath or a feather to aid in any spell.